Singapore is honoured to take on the Chairmanship of ASEAN in 2018. We extend a very warm welcome to all friends, colleagues and delegates.


ASEAN has come a long way since 1967. We realised the ASEAN Community in 2015 and celebrated our 50th Anniversary in 2017. It is an exciting time for ASEAN as we embark on a new chapter. Ground-breaking technologies are discovered at an ever-faster-pace, bringing about disruptive effects as well as opportunities. United as one, ASEAN will navigate these challenges in a coordinated, integrated and effective manner to harness the opportunities and improve the lives and livelihoods of our peoples.


Singapore looks forward to working with ASEAN and our external partners to forge a Resilient and Innovative ASEAN.

Chairmanship Logo



ASEAN consists of ten ASEAN Member States (AMS), namely Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam. ASEAN is a region of diverse cultures and backgrounds, but AMS share a common interest in promoting peace, stability and security in our region, for the benefit of our peoples.

The 2018 ASEAN Chairmanship logo embodies that spirit. Its modern, stylised design was formed by connecting respective AMS capitals. The links signify the collective resilience of an inter-connected ASEAN in pursuit of a common purpose.

The logo’s pink and lavender colours are a mix of red, blue, and white. Red symbolises strength and equality, blue represents trust and stability, while white is a symbol of peace. Combining these colours demonstrates ASEAN’s unity and innovativeness. In addition, lavender is commonly associated with dignity, passion and vitality, representing a dynamic, innovative and vibrant ASEAN Community.


Resilience and Innovation

Our Chairmanship tagline is “Resilient and Innovative”. It encapsulates our vision for ASEAN to be united in the face of growing uncertainties in the global strategic landscape. ASEAN must also be adaptable and forward looking, so that we can harness opportunities and manage challenges from disruptive digital technologies, equip our citizens with skills to build a future-ready ASEAN and boost our capabilities to make our cities smarter.

Chairmanship Handover Video